Your Treatments Accelerated

JetPeel’s proprietary Jet Technology allows the painless and contact-free administration of saline, lidocaine, or other aesthetic or medical solutions.

The Jetpeel Difference

  • The only device of its class that is capable of penetrating 3.5+ microns into the skin.
  • No limits on what you can infuse or administer - we respect your right to choose our brand or another.
  • Designed and built in Israel, all JetPeel machines and handpieces are unmatched in precision and durability.
  • Our JetSolutions line of infusions and liquids are custom made in Italy and are all natural and FDA certified.

How it works

The Supersonic Solution

By utilizing the graceful power of highly compressed air, JetPeel machines are capable of accelerating a variety of liquids to supersonic velocities. As these liquids pass through one of JetPeel’s proprietary handpieces they are turned into a constant stream of micro-droplets with incredible penetrative power.

First in its Class

JetPeel’s unique technology allow the delivery of aesthetic or medical solutions to depths of up to 3.5+ microns – all without making contact with the skin. For spas and aesthetic businesses, JetPeel allows the delivery of saline, nutrients, or hair restoration solutions. For medispas or clinics, JetPeel also allows the delivery of numbing agents or PRP without the discomfort of needles or the mess of cream. 

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