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what is jetPeel?

JetPeel’s transdermal infusion technology is unique in that it combines compressed gases (air, medical O2 or CO2) with active ingredients or biologics (sterile saline solution, skin and hair serums, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, medications, Platelet Rich Plasma or exosomes) to form a subsonic jet stream of microdroplets.

These droplets are then delivered up to 4 mm (1/8”) deep into the skin at a speed of 447 mph (720 km/h), without causing any injury to the epidermis.

What is JetPeel?

how do the ingredients penetrate the skin?

The jet stream stretches the skin surface forming the signature “JetPeel dimple”. The skin’s water micro-channels (Aquaporins) are opened so that the active ingredients or biologics can penetrate deep into the skin, reaching the reticular dermis.

Once the pressure subsides, the skin surface levels out, the micro-channels close, and the skin nutrients disperse homogeneously between the tissue’s collagen fibers.

JetPeel should not be compared with traditional skin therapies, such as dermabrasion using water, sand or salt or even mesotherapy and peels. These either work solely on the surface of the skin or employ needles and may cause injury to the epidermis.

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Cleansing & Exfoliation

What is JetPeel?

When holding the hand piece at a 45 degree angle to the skin surface, the jet stream stimulates the skin's micro-circulation, cleanses pores, and removes natural and environmental skin debris.

Transdermal Infusion

What is JetPeel?

Maximum penetration is achieved when holding the hand piece at a 90 degree angle to the skin's surface. Active ingredients and biologics are delivered up to 4 mm (1/8") deep into the skin.


Low viscosity skin and hair nutrients – JET-Solutions – have been especially formulated for the JetPeel device to ensure easy transport though the fine nozzles of each patented hand piece and maximum penetration into the skin. These therapeutic skin nutrients must also be able to hold up to the high pressure and speed of 720 km/h (447 mph) without losing their integrity and potency.

This perfect synergy of JetPeel’s patented hand pieces and special skin and hair nutrients allow for consistent and effective treatment results.

JET-Solutions have been formulated by physicians and are manufactured in Italy exclusively for JetPeel devices.

What is Jetpeel?

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